Concurso para o fornecimento de equipamento de laboratório nos países ACP/PTU (em inglês)

O Secretariado do Grupo dos Estados ACP em Bruxelas está a lançar uma nova série de concursos no âmbito do programa "Melhorar as condições sanitárias dos produtos da pesca nos países ACP/PTU". Estes dizem respeito ao fornecimento de equipamento de laboratório para efeitos de controlo de qualidade e inspecção de produtos da pesca.

The contracts proposed by the Secretariat of the ACP Group of States are for the supply and delivery of laboratory equipment and, where necessary, the related installation, commissioning, maintenance, training and after-sales service. Divided up per geographical area, they concern general laboratory equipment, chemical and reactive products and analysis equipment.   

This equipment will be used by the laboratories and technical institutes in the service of the competent authorities charged with the health control of fishery products. These authorities are the national equivalents of the Food and Veterinary Office, the European inspection service in this sector.   
The contracts will be awarded with financial assistance from the 8th European Development Fund (EDF) that supports the programme “Improving Fishery Products Health Conditions in the ACP/OCT Countries”.  

In particular, this equipment will make it possible to respond to the mission of the programme’s module 2. This is concerned with support to laboratories and technical institutes, assisting them in introducing the necessary standards and in strengthening their capacity to meet these standards with a view to accreditation.  

- First group of calls for tenders: (Session opens on 16 March 2010)

Ref. 129160: Ghana, Sierra Leone.
Ref. 129163: Island of Mauritius.
Ref. 129164: Eritrea.
Ref. 129165: Tonga, Fiji.
Ref. 129166: Belize.
Ref. 129167: Uganda, Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania.

- Second group of calls for tenders: (Session opens on 20 April 2010)

Ref. 129161: Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Senegal.
Ref. 129162: Benin, Cameroon, Togo, Côte d’Ivoire, Sao Tomé and Principe.

Suppliers wishing to reply to these calls for tenders are invited to consult the details at the following address:
(Then make a search per reference)

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