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Internal trade of fisheries products within EU Member States is subject to a regulation specifically related to sanitary conditions aimed at the protection of consumer’s health. As a result, imported products have to comply with the same standards

Using the TR@CES system can improve market access

TR@CES is an internet-based network that links the food industry with veterinary authorities in the European Union. It can make market access easier for ACP countries by providing access to the latest required health certificates in all official EU languages.

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Equipment procurement and other activities

Between 2003 and 2010 the SFP Programme has supported around 44 ACP countries, with about 255 missions implemented over the last 2 years (160 field missions). Equipment continues to be delivered, destined for the inspection services of Competent Authorities and other laboratories. Alltogether, 44 recipient countries have benefited from €7.87 Million of equipment.

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Developing added value in Gambia

Fishermen in Gambia. © sxc / wootz

In October 2009, R. Shotton, expert with the SFP programme and specialist on aid to the smallscale fisheries sector, undertook a mission to Gambia. He observed how Gambia’s small-scale fisheries sector supplies pelagic fish that is subsequently dried, smoked and dispatched to national and regional markets. The other major activity consists of targeting species with a high commercial value (prawns, cuttlefish, spiny lobsters, sole and other percidae species) for which there is an active market in Dakar and that could be sold in Europe at a high price.

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Meeting between Mauritania and the EU

Fish Market area in Nouakchott, Mauritania, Africa. © sxc

A meeting of the Joint Committee of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania
and the European Union was held in Nouakchott between 21 and
25 March 2010.

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SFP technical assistance to the islands of Saint Helena and Tristan da Cunha yield concrete results

Remotely located deep in the South Atlantic with thousands of kilometres of water separating the two, the islands of Saint Helena and Tristan da Cunha make up, together with Ascension Island, a single British Overseas Territory. Given their location, they have both developed fishing as priority activities.

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Revival of Pole and Line fishing in Papua New Guinea

The SFP programme is supporting actions to develop selectivity of Skip-jack tuna fishing, fuel-consumption reduction and improved freshness, making a contribution for the re-establishing of this fishery.

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