Using the TR@CES system can improve market access

TR@CES is an internet-based network that links the food industry with veterinary authorities in the European Union. It can make market access easier for ACP countries by providing access to the latest required health certificates in all official EU languages.

TR@CES links all stages in the movement, import or export of animals and animal products in a way which guarantees health and food safety and simplifies trade with EU and non-EU countries. The system also manages the lists of approved establishments, the establishments authorised to export products to the EU by the veterinary authorities of the country concerned. The Competent Authorities (CA) of any ACP countries wanting to facilitate the export of food products to the EU can join TR@CES. Businesses should then contact their country’s CA to be approved for exports. The following third countries use TR@CES for their trade with the EU: - Third countries with specific agreements: Norway, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Andorra, Faeroe Islands, Iceland - Overseas territories – on a voluntary basis: New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Mayotte - Third countries – on a voluntary basis: Mexico, Morocco, Mauritius, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Seychelles, Guatemala - Third countries already trained, in the expectation of participation: Tunisia, Mauritania, Senegal, Benin, Serbia - Third countries that have requested membership, with training foreseen for October: Algeria, Madagascar