Module 3.a - Assistance to export processing industries, including vessels and aquaculture operators

The activities of this component contribute towards strengthening the fish export processing industry and related fishing vessels of beneficiary countries, by improving production conditions and strengthening export health controls.This includes:

  • identification of basic pre-conditions for a hygienic and safe operation of handling and processing facilities and vessels working for export, such as the availability of safe water,  electricity supplies, adequate environmental protection, suitable man power and external technical services if required;
  • review of physical settings, lay-outs and processing and handling methods of handling and processing facilities and vessels, with a view to issuing recommendations to the companies for their improvement;
  • technical assistance to introduce improvements to the handling and processing establishments and vessels’ physical settings, lay-outs and handling and processing methods;
  • review of prerequisite hygiene programmes, risk analysis and HACCP plans for establishments processing for export and related facilities;
  • helping companies in introducing efficient and cost-effective verification procedures to satisfy the requirements of their own-control systems.

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